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The wine tourist club

The Priorat today is one of the most talked-about wine regions on the international scene. Its combination of tradition and modernity, nature and agriculture, depth and crispness, all stamp a distinctive personality on its villages and its wines. Steeped in the mysterious wisdom of the Mediterranean world, this is a region to be discovered and admired. With this guide you can find out at first hand about twelve projects to work this land with passion and extract exquisite fruits. We hope you make the most of your trip.

Priorat Terroir

This is a key project for visitors to the Priorat who are interested in wine tourism. The campaign that kicks off “Priorat Terroir” is the “12 wineries-12 wines” promotion, a route around the twelve wineries taking part, over a year, which sets out to be an added attraction for visits. The members of “Priorat Terroir” will have a passport containing the information they need, and those who complete the route will receive a gift of 12 bottles of wine, one from each winery.

They have access to discounts, promotions and offers by the different establishments in the Priorat Enoturisme association. People who join will get a passport, a guide with the information they need and reference information about each of the wineries taking part. The campaign sets out to provide information and incentives for visitors interested in wine tourism and to build loyalty among people with this profile. The aim is to offer a distinctive, exclusive experience.

All the visitors who complete the route and get their individual, non-transferable passport stamped by all the wineries will receive a gift of 12 bottles of wine, one from each of the wineries taking part. The 12 wineries-12 wines campaign is the first step for the Wine Tourist Club and lasts a year, offering the chance to travel around the region and enjoy its wines, its food, its landscapes and its heritage.

“Priorat Terroir” is aimed at everybody who loves wine, and the Priorat in particular, and has a special interest in travelling round the area to discover the distinctive features of the wines of each of the wineries, which are members of the area’s two wine designations, the DOQ Priorat and the DO Montsant. The wineries in “Priorat Terroir” are: Celler de Capçanes, Celler Masroig, Cooperativa Falset-Marçà, Torres Priorat, Vinícola del Priorat, Clos Figueras, Saó del Coster, Buil&Giné, Cellers Scala Dei, Celler Joan Ametller, Burgos Porta and Sangenís i Vaqué.

Veus del Priorat

Priorat is a large mosaic of the agricultural history of tribes in the Mediterranean. A region with a particular character and a fascinating history.- Priorat Enoturisme
In Priorat people tell their story through its wines and oils. Rural life, original and singular, values emanating from the earth gives shape to the people and the life.- Priorat Enoturisme
Priorat is a slow pace of life, hard work, to be more than being, is landscape, nature, architecture, gastronomy is disagreement, a lived history.- Priorat Enoturisme