Celler Bartolomé

Celler Bartolomé

The steadfastness of certain families in the Priorat region in ensuring the survival of their ancient vineyards is the open secret behind the extraordinary quality and unique nature of their grapevines. The Bartolomé i Vernet family is a living example of this attitude of commitment to the land and grape cultivation which, generation after generation, has harvested the grape stocks on its plots of land known as trossos, using them to produce its wines in the traditional manner, with the local garnacha and samsó grape varieties of which it is the exclusive proprietor.

In our Winery Celler Bartolomé we love to share our experiences and tell you our stories. All the groups or companies that wish to discover our secret sloping vineyards with 120 years vines are welcome but please book in advance.

“Passion and will merge
and confused with loyalty and devotion
an exceptional terroir and vines centenarians. Simply prepare
wines to be faithful to oneself”

Bartolomé Vernet Family