Complete your visit to the Jewish Falset

Complete your visit to the Jewish Falset!

We suggest you discover the history of Sephardic Falset with a dramatized visit by “The Jewish Tortosa”, another way to live our history. The visit will end with wine tasting kosher prepared Celler de Capçanes, recognized worldwide. In the evening, you can immerse in the local cuisine with a Sephardic dinner at the Restaurant El Cairat. We suggest you to sleep at Escoleta apartments, located in the old Jewish quarter.


  • One night’s accommodation at the Apartments Escoleta
  • Sephardi Dinner at Restaurant El Cairat
  • Visit the Jewish dramatized by “The Jewish Tortosa” + Kosher wine tasting.

Also you can get it this way

  • The theatrical tour (15 €)
  • The sephardi menu at Restaurant El Cairat (30 €)
  • Price: € 220/2 people. You can add an extra night or adjust it to your needs.