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Miró Cubells, Molí de l’oli

Miró Cubells, Molí de l’oli

Miró Cubells is a small family firm based in Cabacés, born out of the tradition of many generations devoted to tending olive trees. Developments over so many years cultivating olive trees has resulted in holdings with highly diverse features: areas with ancient olive trees, steep slopes, trees located within the Montsant nature park and latest-generation olive trees planted on an experimental basis in locations with extreme weather conditions to determine their potential. All this led our family to set up a small oil mill in order to extract the essence of all this heritage of so many generations. Our mill is a modern one, thanks to which all the qualities of the olives from each holding are preserved intact. In this way, with today’s new technology, extracting the oil cold and then decanting it, we can ensure that the oil passes on a little piece of history with all its nuances.

  • C/ Sant Miquel, 48, 43373, Cabacés
  • 977 839 399 – 626 997 447