Roast & Winery Taste
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Roast & Winery Tasting

Mas Trucafort and Celler Masroig offers you a day in Priorat to enjoy its purest traditional style. Come to visit one of the historical cellars in the area of the Priorat, get all the pleasures of tasting good wines and full meal in a traditional farm.
The lunch consists in a serial of starters to share and a main meal of roasted meat and a dessert to choose. The menu is elaborated with the best local products of high quality, accompanied by Les Sorts Jove or Les Sorts Rosats, two of the representative wines of the Celler Masroig.


  • Visit Celler Masroig
  • Wine Tasting
  • Lunch at  Mas Trucafort
  • Visit & Taste 1,5 hours.
  • From 22€