Wine tasting & groumet menu

Wine tasting & groumet menu

Located in a privileged area, the Torres Priorat winery and Clos Figueras propose you to enjoy a day off in Priorat. You will understand the magic that has this region: its vineyards, its wine, its gastronomy and its people. The old vineyards of Torres Priorat Winery speak of work and tradition that provides a unique characteristics to our wines. Since 1996, we acquired land in the Priorat, praising the land producing exceptional wines, creating a unique history and character, our Psalms and Perpetual.

Salmos a tribute to the monks of the Carthusian order that in 1194 reached the “Priory”, where they grow grapes. These wines deserve major awards, are created in our cellar from a new concept of habitat wine. A winery located in the heart of Priorat, the best place to discover the mysterious landscape and wine hidden behind this area. We invite you to discover it and enjoy a fusion menu in Clos Figueras made to enhance the flavors of the wines of Priorat.

From 50€, includes:

  • Guided tour in the vineyards and Torres winery
  • Tasting of Salmos and Perpetual
  • Fusion menu in the restaurant of the Clos Figueras winery
  • Duration of the visit and tasting 1.5 hours.
  • Visit to the Clos Figueras winery