The Priorat

The land

The Priorat is a unique area. Even though it’s one of the smallest comarques (counties) in Catalonia, its name is increasingly being heard far and wide. This is not only because of its wines (the prestigious Priorat and Montsant denominations), but also thanks to the quality of its produce, its spectacular landscapes, its sleepy villages and its outstanding quality of life. Everyone is talking about the Priorat today as a region where life is good. Added to this is a varied, attractive range of options for tourism, which have made the Priorat into a firm favourite for inland tourism.

The nearest airport is in Reus, just 35 km away from Falset. But the airport with more connections is in Barcelona, Prat airport, which is connected with Falset, the capital of Priorat, by train. So our region is easily accessible by public transport, using the railway, click here to view the railway timetables from Barcelona to the Priorat area (from the airport, you must take a train to Barcelona-Sants train station, and there take to train to Falset, it takes about 2h of a very panoramic trip). Hiring a car in the airport it is also a good idea if you come in a non-organised trip, as travelling inside Priorat is nearly impossible using public transport. There is also a local taxi available, for tailor-made trips inside Priorat and to/from other regions.

The land


Mountain climbing, hiking and quality of life.