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The Denominació d’Origen Qualificada (DOQ) Priorat

Priorat covers a small area, less than 20,000 hectares, of which just 1,600 are planted with vines. The terrain is very abrupt, even “cataclysmic” in the words of the Catalan writer Josep Pla. This makes wine-growing hard, demanding and very costly.

Its vines produce little compared to other wine-growing areas. On the other hand, they yield exceptional grapes which, in the hands of the region’s dedicated winemakers, are transformed into wines renowned the world over for their strong character and extraordinary complexity.

In the cellars of a handful of ancient houses in the DOQ Priorat, growers and winemakers work together to produce just a few thousand bottles. The wine comes from vines planted when it was still a sin for women to show their elbows. The bottles will travel to shops in New York, Zürich or Cape Town…

Nearby, new wineries and newly-planted vineyards are proof of their commitment to this region. The Priorat is not an easy land, it gives nothing for free, but nevertheless it has managed to seduce a good number of wine enthusiasts who have fallen in love with the grapes yielded by its slate soils. The DOQ Priorat is full of wineries, all relatively small and, despite the difficulties involved, many of them are willing to welcome visitors and share what they love most – their passion for their wine and the land from which it comes.
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The wine

The DO Montsant wine denomination

In the lands of the DO Montsant wine is synonymous with life, hard work, tenacity and enthusiasm. The importance of working together – often in cooperatives – and the number of wineries springing up in recent years is proof of this.

Building on the experience of the older generation, a very young group of growers and winemakers have placed this small region on the world wine map. In a very short time, the wines of the DO Montsant have managed to earn the respect and admiration of leading experts all over the planet for their quality and their strong personality.

The DO Montsant has surprised everybody. Its wines speak of dynamism, of a judicious blend of long experience and the energy and enthusiasm that new generations of growers and winemakers have to offer. They also speak of the commitment, courage, cooperation and confidence that, to give one example, led practically a whole village to mortgage its future in order to make their cooperative a success.

Farmers working together to conquer palates and carve out markets in the United States, Germany, Holland, Israel and elsewhere. An excellent sample of the wineries and cooperatives that have brought about this small revolution open their doors to visitors. They want to share their fine wines, but above all to invite you to join their adventure, their commitment to the future.

The wine


Priorat means high quality wines, full of minerals, fresh and fruity. Wines for body and mind.